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Bangladesh calls for 4Ps in curbing human trafficking

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  • 31st July, 2020 04:54:06 PM
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Bangladesh calls for 4Ps in curbing human trafficking

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"Bangladesh has a zero tolerance policy against trafficking in person", Ambassador Rabab Fatima, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN said while speaking at the UN High Level Virtual Event for the Observance of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons (TIP) on Thursday.

In her remarks, she highlighted Bangladesh's multi-pronged approach to TIP that encompasses 4Ps: prevention, promotion, protection, and partnership, and involves all key stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, legal community, CSOs and NGOs, as well as the community.

She also mentioned the extensive legal and institutional frameworks and mechanisms put in place in Bangladesh to curb the menace.

The event was organized by the Group of Friends United Against TIP and UNODC on the theme “Recognizing Response – Committed to the cause: highlighting the role of responders to trafficking”.

Bangladesh is a member of the Group of Friends. Bangladesh PR commended the important role played by the frontline actors and first responders in addressing the menace of TIP, which has become more important during the pandemic. 

Ambassador Fatima underscored the need to have close partnership at the local, bilateral, regional and international levels in view of the trans-border and trans-national nature of the crime.

She also made some concrete suggestions, namely, to look into the problem of TIP in its entirety and address the root causes; to reinforce relevant national laws, as well as bilateral, regional and international mechanisms and cooperation; to develop effective intelligence and information sharing for effective monitoring and prevention of TIP related crimes; to use digital surveillance and ICT and build the capacity of national governments in this sector.

She recognized the important role played by IOM, UNODC, INTERPOL and other international organizations in this regard.

Bangladesh PR called for promoting safe, orderly and regular migration as positive and sustainable alternatives to counter the negative impact of TIP.

She further called for more vigorous efforts to ensure universal acceptance and application of international conventions and related protocols on TIP for our efforts against TIP to be effective.

The event was moderated by the PR of Belarus who also delivered a statement on behalf of the Group of Friends United Against TIP.

The panelists included Executive Director of UNODC; US Ambassador-At-Large to Monitor and Combat TIP; PRs of Bolivia, Belgium and Egypt; Deputy Executive Director of UN Women and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador for the Global Fight against Human Trafficking. PRs of many other countries also spoke on the occasion as did the European Council and some NGO/CSO representatives.

A trafficking survivor also shared her experience.

Such high-level attendance was quite significant.

The discussants called for inclusion of TIP in the COVID-19 recovery and response plans and stressed on the need for comprehensive efforts and better coordination among all stakeholders.