Coronavirus: US records 3,617,040 cases, 140,150 deaths

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16th July, 2020 01:20:05 printer

Coronavirus: US records 3,617,040 cases, 140,150 deaths


The coronavirus has killed 140,150 people in United States at 13:14 pm till Thursday (Bangladesh Time), according to latest data from worldometer.

While 3,617,040 coronavirus infected patients have been detected, 1,645,966 patients have made full recovery from the contagious virus.

So far, 1,830,924 are active cases, the source said.

Among the active cases, the number of critical patients are 16,459, worldometer reported.


With the fresh tally around 48 hours, 137,557 people have been registered with coronavirus while 1,903 people died, and 96,497 have been considered recovered in the country.

Among other coronavirus affected city in US, New Jersey has reported 15,634 deaths, followed by Massachussetts with 8,368, California 7,375, Florida 4,521, Texas 3,510, Georgia 3,091, Arizona 2,434 and Washington DC 1,421 respectively till date, JHU reported.