People fear fake corona testing

Mohammad Al Amin

15th July, 2020 11:29:59 printer

People fear fake corona testing

The people now fear fake coronavirus testing as a massive forgery of diagnosing the disease has recently been unearthed in the capital.

Some reasons, including fear of fake coronavirus test, delayed delivery of test reports and its high fees, have resulted in a decline in the Covid-19 testing, health experts said.

“People even now don’t want to go to have coronavirus testing in fear of fake results of the test,” Dr Nazrul Islam, a member of the National Advisory Committee on Covid-19, told the daily sun.

Fear about fake covid-19 test results prevails among people, after Regent Hospital and JKG Healthcare scams relating to issuing fake coronavirus test results have been found.

The Covid-19 fake certificate also created bad impression about the virus test services in Bangladesh as Italy on July 7 suspended flights to Rome from Bangladesh as they got Covid-19 positive among some people who carried negative certificates.

At a meeting on May 30, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said some Bangladeshi nationals went to Japan and South Korea with a Covid-19 negative certificate after being tested in Bangladesh, but many of them turned out to be positive when they tested again in those countries.

Talking to the daily sun, health experts said people have lost their interest in Covid-19 test, seeing the scams of issuing fake certificates of Covid-19 test by the hospital and diagnostic centre designated for Covid-19 testing and treatment by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

Meanwhile, many people have also lost their interest in Covid-19 testing due to delayed delivery of test reports as in many cases people who tested at government hospitals and gave samples at different booths across the country have got test results 5-14 days later, they added.

As per the statistics from the DGHS, the number of coronavirus testing has decreased in the last few weeks as the daily coronavirus testing has gone down to less than 15,000 across the country during the time.

Addressing a regular health bulletin, on July 13, Prof Dr Nasima Sultana, additional director general of the DGHS said the number of coronavirus sample collection and testing have decreased as testing samples of Covid-19 patients is no more necessary for the second time after getting negative results once.

“Fixing fee for coronavirus testing by the health ministry is another reason behind decreasing coronavirus testing. People also have lost interest in the virus testing as fear of the coronavirus has decreased among them. They also have become reluctant to coronavirus testing now,” she added.

Sharif Jamil, General Secretary of Bangladesh Poribesh Andalon (BAPA), said, “Covid-19 test in Bangladesh is a nightmare from the very beginning. It is completely bothering people by wasting public money. So many kinds of suffering and unreliability are associated with that.”

“I received result for my testing after 13 days. Does that make any sense? People  are is just depending on whatever they have at their own because any government support related to COVID put them in further troubles,” he added.

Talking to the daily sun, some people also alleged that many private hospitals and diagnostic centers are also taking excessive fees than the amount fixed by the government while people those are interested to have covid-19 testing in private hospitals and diagnostics centers to get report immediately.