AL busy fighting corona, BNP plays blame game

Special Correspondent

11th July, 2020 11:46:59 printer

AL busy fighting corona, BNP plays blame game

Two major political parties – the ruling Awami League and opposition BNP -- are lashing each other only to gain political benefits amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Awami League has been trying its best to tackle the situation while the BNP has been embarking on politics of complaints against the Sheikh Hasina-led government.

Against the backdrop, people are venting resentment on the political parties for their lax attitudes towards their hard struggle for survival.

Over the opposition’s allegations, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said it was easy to find out faults in the government and the Awami League from staying home.

“Only leaders and activists of the Awami League have been working for the people amid the pandemic,” she said.

“There are many political parties, non-government organisations and volunteer organizations … many are criticising the government. But how many of them have stood by the people right now?” she posed a question in Parliament.

Instead of standing by the people, the BNP continues to issue statements and spread rumours in pursuit of political gains.

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that like the British and Pakistani rulers, the AL had also been looting the wealth of the state.

“We have seen the British looting our wealth…later the Pakistanis also oppressed us. Now the incumbent government has been looting the wealth of the state,” he said.

Bitterly criticising the BNP, AL leaders said that only their party stand by the people amid the Covid-19 crisis.

The BNP has been issuing statements and has been embarking on politics of complaints to get political mileage, they said, adding that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina continues her fight against coronavirus involving people from all walks of life.

“The Prime Minister always finds potential in every crisis. Since the beginning of the crisis, she sought cooperation from all irrespective of their political views and thoughts in addressing the crisis,” AL general secretary Obaidul Quader said.

Calling upon all the political parties to play a positive role in dealing with the coronavirus crisis, he said, “Do not spread rumours, and shun negative politics.” 

The BNP has been criticising the government for its failure in tackling the situation.

“As the government does not have appropriate plans, numbers of deaths and infections from coronavirus have been increasing,” Mirza Fakhrul said.

He also alleged that the government does not allow them to stand by the poor people amid the coronavirus pandemic.

AL joint general secretary Hasan Mahmud hoped that the BNP would come out of the politics of debate during the coronavirus outbreak.

“BNP, however, failed to abandon their traditional politics of falsehood. They did not even stand by the people. They were busy taking photos in the name of relief distribution,” he said.

State Minister for shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury said the BNP has failed to play a responsible role since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

“People will throw the BNP in the dustbin for their failure to play a responsible role,” he said.