Renowned drug stores allegedly selling fake medicines

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11th July, 2020 10:18:10 printer

Renowned drug stores allegedly selling fake medicines

A number of renowned drug stores in the capital are reportedly selling fake medicines.

Detected police have traced a company, which is producing and marketing those counterfeit medicines in city’s Uttara area.

There is allegation that some reputed drug stores including Lazz Pharma is also involved in selling those drugs to the commoners and amassing a large amount of money, according to media report.

Law enforcers recovered a huge amount of fake medicines as well as raw materials of those medicines. So far, 18 people, who are involved in manufacturing counterfeit medicines locally and selling those items as imported products, have been detained in connection with the misdeed.

Detected police came to know that a number of drug stores in the capital were selling those medicines.

Police learnt that one of the company identified as SB Corporation is manufacturing counterfeit drugs in the name of imported medicine.

Detective Branch under Gulshan Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police conducted a drive on Thursday at the office of that company at Uttara in the capital and seized different items of fake medicines of foreign brands.

Later, law enforcers conducted drives at different medicine stores in Uttara and found many items of those medicines. Finding counterfeit medicines, law enforcers also fined shops.

Media report revealed that fake drugs are manufactured in the city’s Uttara, Fakirapool, Chawkbazar, and Tongi. Later, those are supplied to different famous drug stores.

According to the Directorate General of Drug Administration, the evildoers are manufacturing different items of medicines using fake raw materials in the country and those medicines are not approved at all. As a result, people are being cheated heavily. 

Mashiur Rahman, deputy police commissioner of detective police of Gulshan, said, “It needs to investigate the matter seriously as fake medicines are being sold in the market after manufacturing those locally.

“The investigation is very urgent for the sake of public interest,” he added.