DNCC anti-mosquito drive: 100 establishments fined


8th July, 2020 05:23:37 printer

DNCC anti-mosquito drive: 100 establishments fined

The Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) on Wednesday found Aedes mosquito larvae at 100 houses and establishments on the fifth day of its combing operation launched to protect the city dwellers from dengue.

The mobile courts led by DNCC filed 24 cases and fined the establishments Tk 3,51,700.

The drive was operated in Uttar, Mirpur, Mohakhali, Kawran Bazar, Harirampur, Dakshinkhan, Uttarkhan, Vatara and Satarkul areas.

During the second phase of drive that started on July 4, the DNCC visited 66,350 houses, establishments and under-construction buildings and found Aedes larvae at 467 and breading ground of Aedes larvae at 40,394 of them till Wednesday.

It has also realised TK 11.53lakh in fines in the days.

Aedes larvae were found in abandoned tyres, buckets, flower tubs, bottles, water-meters, garages, water houses, earthenware pots, broken mugs, floors, water-tanks, plastic containers, roof-drains, yogurt pots, abandoned commodes, coconut shells, broken pots, basement and spaces between two houses.

In order to protect the city dwellers from dengue, the special clean-up operation was launched as the country had a massive dengue outbreak last year when 101,354 people were hospitalised. Of them, 101,037 made full recovery.

According to official figures, the mosquito-borne disease killed 179 people last year.

The health authorities reported 327 dengue cases since the beginning of this year.