BAF provides crucial support to corona patients

Ahamed Ullah

7th July, 2020 10:26:02 printer

BAF provides crucial support to corona patients

Being a true friend, Bangladesh Air Force stands by corona infected patients at the crucial time carrying them from remote areas with a view to ensuring better treatment.

Members of Bangladesh Air Force are working round the clock in transporting emergency medical equipment, medicines and serious patients to assist the civil administration during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

Bangladesh Air Force is working under ‘In aid to Civil Power’ to meet all the emerging requirements of the government to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus across the country.

The BAF aircrafts also transported many foreign nationals to their country and brought Bangladeshis residing in foreign countries due to the coronavirus situation.

They brought various emergency medical equipment and medical aids from various countries to prevent coronavirus.

Airmen of the Bangladesh Air Force Provost provided security to quarantine passengers arriving from overseas at Dhaka’s Haji camp to prevent coronavirus infection.

At the ground level, members of the Bangladesh Air Force have been deployed in various places besides members of the Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Police and other organisations as well.

In addition, the Air Force took necessary actions, including controlling public meetings in their own area, Air Force members' home quarantine and isolation wards in medical fleets.

Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) helicopters are playing a leading role in rescuing serious patients with corona from various parts of the country.

Talking to the Daily Sun, Assistant Director of Inter Service Public Relation (ISPR) Directorate Md Noor Islam said, “Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) helicopters transferred 10 people, who are infected with coronavirus, to Dhaka from various remote places of the country for better treatment.”

Bangladesh Air Force aircraft brought medical aids, including coronavirus detection kits, surgical masks, thermometers, protective gloves, goggles and personal protective equipment (PPE), from China in April.

Bangladesh Air Force aircraft transported 71 Maldivians and a 10-member Armed Forces Medical Team for providing Covid-19 related treatment to Bangladeshi nationals in Maldives in April.

Those people in Maldives were unable to return to their country because of the coronavirus situation.

During the global transition period, Bangladesh set a brilliant example of brotherhood by transporting Maldivian residents to reach their homeland with the help of BAF as a sign of cooperation.

The same aircraft returned to Bangladesh with 70 Bangladeshi Nationals residing in Maldives due to the coronavirus situation.

Another aircraft of Bangladesh Air Force transported daily necessities as souvenir items for Maldives and 11 Bangladeshi doctors serving in Maldives as a sign of friendship on behalf of the Government of Bangladesh in May.

An aircraft of Bangladesh Air Force transported essential medical aids, including face mask, negative pressure machine, detection kit and personal protective equipment (PPE), from South Korea to prevent coronavirus.

Bangladesh Air Force Base Bangabandhu provided personal protective equipment (PPE), including medical aid, to the authorities of Kurmitola General Hospital in April.

Besides, low-income people in the area of BAF Base Bangabandhu were provided with daily necessities as humanitarian aid.

The BAF has always been providing assistance in dealing with any kind of national disaster and continuing various activities following the policy published by the government to affirm its commitment to meet all emerging needs in a professional manner.

On March 23, the government decided to deploy members of the Armed Forces in aid to civil power across the country and they started their activities on March 25.

Members of Bangladesh Army are working in 62 districts of the country while Bangladesh Navy personnel in 19 coastal upazilas under several districts. Members of Bangladesh Air Force are engaged in transporting emergency medical equipment, medicines and serious patients from nearby BAF bases.