Provide free or low-cost internet to students: Dipu Moni


6th July, 2020 07:32:09 printer

Provide free or low-cost internet to students:  Dipu Moni

Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni on Monday urged mobile phone operators to provide either free internet or low-cost packages to students to help them continue online education amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Many educational institutions are conducting online academic activities due to the pandemic but it has become difficult for many students to bear the internet expenses. Negotiations are on with the mobile operators so that they consider  providing free internet services or low-cost internet packages to students," she said.

The Education Minister came up with the information while speaking in an online seminar as the chief guest.

The minister hoped that the mobile phone operators will take the matter positively.

“Every crisis opens the door of possibilities for us. In order to transform our population into human resource,  we've  to be skilled in information technology. The coronavirus situation has forced us to move ahead. Now we're carrying out our regular activities, including offices and classes, online .We’ve  some limitations but we've to be habituated to the new situation overcoming the limitations,” she said.

The online academic activities will continue alongside the regular ones during the post-corona period, too,  Dipu Moni said.

Awami League’s Education and Human Resources affairs sub-committee organised the seminar held with  

its chairman Prof Abdul Khalek in the chair.  

Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar was present as a special guest. 

Talking about the tuition fees of educational institutions, the minister said despite the closure of the institutions, many of them have been putting pressure on guardians to pay the tuition fees. If the tuition fees are not paid, the teachers will not get their salaries.

She urged both the educational institutions and guardians to come forward in this regard and be humanitarian.