Rahul Gandhi's '3 Harvard case studies on failure' taunt at Modi

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6th July, 2020 04:48:08 printer

Rahul Gandhi's '3 Harvard case studies on failure' taunt at Modi

Rahul Gandhi tweeted this morning that future Harvard Business School studies on failure would include COVID-19, demonetisation and the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The latest in his attack-a-day tweets includes a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's national addresses in the country's fight against the coronavirus outbreak along with the rising graph of India's coronavirus cases.

"Future HBS (Harvard Business School) case studies on failure: 1. COVID-19. 2. Demonetisation. 3. GST implementation," the Congress leader tweeted.

Along with the post, Rahul Gandhi shared a montage of PM Modi's speeches on the Janata Curfew exercise of clapping and clanging utensils for frontline COVID-19 workers and the lighting of lamps and diyas to express solidarity and resolve in the pandemic crisis. The clip included the Prime Minister's comment that "the Mahabharata was won in 18 days and the war against coronavirus will take 21 days".

India now places third among countries worst hit by coronavirus with more than 6.9 lakh cases on Sunday evening, overtaking Russia (6.8 lakh cases). India is now preceded only by Brazil and the US. Brazil has over 15 lakh cases and the US has more than 28 lakh.

On Sunday, cases jumped by 25,000 and there were 613 deaths in 24 hours.

The daily spikes are seen at a time the country is trying to exit an economically crippling lockdown and encouraging people to resume normal activities but with strict precautions like masks, physical distance and regular sanitising and washing of hands.

The Congress, which has been deeply critical of the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis, has added it to what it calls two biggest "failures" of PM Modi's government - the 2016 demonetisation in which two key currency notes that constituted 80 per cent of the country's cash were junked overnight and the implementation of the GST in 2017.


Source: NDTV