Uganda boda boda rider sets himself on fire 'over bribe'

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4th July, 2020 01:08:57 printer

Uganda boda boda rider sets himself on fire 'over bribe'


A 29-year-old motorbike taxi rider in Uganda has died after setting fire to himself inside a police station.

Hussein Walugembe's bike was seized in the south-western district of Masaka, about 135km (85 miles) from the capital, Kampala, on Monday.

Some riders allege that officers had demanded a $40 (£32) bribe from Walugembe to release his vehicle.

A police spokesman says the entire traffic department is now under investigation for bribery, BBC reported.

It is also reported that Walugembe had been living in police quarters and been supplying food to the force.

Riding motorbike taxis - or boda bodas as they are known in Uganda - is a common source of income for unemployed young men in countries across Africa.

But in Uganda they have been banned from carrying passengers as part of efforts to control the spread of coronavirus.

Boda boda riders are only able to operate between 06:30 and 17:00 local time and can only transport cargo.