Police in front line of fight against corona

Md Esaraf Hossain

1st July, 2020 11:01:27 printer

Police in front line of fight against corona

Amid a high risk, police are working relentlessly in the front line of the fight against the fatal coronavirus in the country to ensure social distancing, lockdown and other health guidelines.

At present, policemen are at risk from Covid-19 infection, but many other professionals are leading a safe life.

As front-line fighters, policemen perform their duties from streets to graveyards in the wake of the pandemic disease.

As part of their duties, they ensure social distancing, enforce lockdowns and bring the neglected corona patients to hospitals and even bury many dead bodies.

It is seen that police are also providing safety and services for the people since the outbreak of the disease. Policemen are being highly infected with the deadly virus, costing life one after another.

Police members also disinfect streets as well as assist the working people in ensuring social distancing during lockdowns. They also hunt for those who have escaped quarantine, police officers said.

Many cops are extremely vulnerable to the virus, but they are not being provided with the necessary safety equipment, they added.

“We are on the front line of the fight against coronavirus in the country. But what we’ve received from the government in terms of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) are nothing but raincoats and ordinary face masks,” said a sub-inspector from the Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

"In practice, police personnel without coronavirus symptoms have not been provided with any PPE and they are purchasing their own safety equipment like face masks and gloves.”

Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Sohel Rana at the Police Headquarters said police are the main field leader in the war on coronavirus. So, police have to deal with many blows and retaliations first.

“Bangladesh Police are moving forward with strong morale and full vigour,” he added.

When contacted, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police (Dhaka Range) Habibur Rahman told daily sun on Wednesday that patriotic police are working hard in every sphere to prevent the corona virus.

“Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, our forces are making their sacrifices for the sack of the nation,” he added.

Replying to a query, the DIG said, “All kinds of measures have been taken on doctors’ advice to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection among policemen.”

The DIG also said, “All policemen are doing the risky job. Constables are also working at grass roots level to take corona patients to hospitals and bury many deceased.”

Policemen are regularly coming into contact with corona patients – many of them are getting infected with the disease.

“Police are not panicked or discouraged from performing their duties despite deaths and infection cases of policemen,” the DIG pointed out.

DMP Commissioner Shafiqul Islam said policemen working in the fight against Covid-19 need the highest protection.

Most police constables live in barracks and around 12 policemen live in a single room. This is also a major reason behind the spike in the number of corona-infected policemen.

Alongside police hospital, the police are maintaining makeshift isolation centres for the infected members in hotels, schools and colleges.

Policemen are contracting the virus by coming into contact with the infected persons, he noted, adding that those who work at check-posts are given PPE.

“It’s true that we can’t ensure 100 per cent safety for our officers. But, we are trying our best to assist them in discharging their duties and providing all necessary support (safety equipment) during duty hours, the commissioner added.

When his attention was drawn to lockdown and social distancing, the police officer pointed out that they have been working relentlessly to enforce the lockdown in red zones.

“We can only understand people. We have not any magistracy power. So, we cannot fine or give punishment to those responsible for rules violators.

According to the Police Headquarters, a total of 45 policemen have died of coronavirus so far and over 10,000 others have been infected with the disease.