Abduction drops amid corona

Mahabub Alam

18th June, 2020 09:52:07 printer

Abduction drops amid corona

The incidents of abduction have marked a sharp decline in the last five months in comparison with the same period a year ago.

Experts say that the tendency might decrease as the nation has been gripped by the fear of coronavirus pandemic. Besides, the law enforcement agencies have been on high alert. 

The country recorded 116 abduction incidents in the last five months between January and May.

Records show that some 249 incidents took place in the same period in 2019, according to the latest data of Centre for Genocide Studies of Dhaka University.

Of the 116 abduction incidents, 25 percent were children, 38 percent male and 27 percent were female.

The law enforcers arrested 127 miscreants involved in this year’s abduction, ransom and other purposes, says the data.

Seeking not to be named, a teacher at Criminology Department of Dhaka University, told daily sun the law enforcers had no credit in the decrease of the number of abduction incidents.

As the people were staying home for coronavirus, the criminals had less chance to commit the crime, said the teacher.

“I think 116 abduction incidents in the last five months are highly alarming for us as the criminals have committed the crime despite people’s limited movement from March,” said the teacher. 

Shahria Afrin, assistant professor at the same department, told daily sun that as the incidents of abduction were not investigated properly, it encouraged miscreants to commit such crimes frequently.

She called for strict application of law against the offenders to control the number of such incidents.

Sources in Center for Genocide Studies said the family members of many victims paid a hefty amount of ransom to the criminals but did not get back their dear and near ones.

Sources in police said organised gangs introducing themselves as law enforcers had been committing the crime, tarnishing the image of police force.

The corona protective masks, hand gloves and PPEs were helpful for criminals who, using those safety gears, could easily evade the eyes of law enforcement agencies, said the source.

According to the police headquarters statistics, a total of 444 kidnapping cases were recorded by the police stations across the country in 2018, which were 598 in 2019.

The statistics showed the 2019 witnessed 154 more kidnapping incidents than the previous year.

In 2018, 75 kidnapping cases were registered by Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), 11 by Chattogram Metropolitan Police (CMP), three by Khulna  Metropolitan Police (KMP), 17 by Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP), six by Barishal Metropolitan Police (BMP), one by Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP), 82 by Dhaka Range, 20 by Mymensingh Range, 93 by Chattogram Range, 13 by Sylhet Range, 29 by Khulna Range, 20 by Barishal Range, 46 by Rajshahi Range, 16 by Rangpur Range, one by Railway Range, three by Gazipur Metropolitan Police (GMP) and eight by Rangpur Metropolitan Police (RPMP).

In 2019, 98 kidnapping cases were recorded by DMP, 14 by CMP, 16 by RMP, two by BMP, nine by SMP, 21 by RPMP, 25 by GMP, 157 by Dhaka Range, 31 by Mymensingh Range, 89 by Chattogram Range, 21 by Sylhet Range, 26 by Khulna Range, 22 by Barishal Range, 48 by Rajshahi Range, 18 by Rangpur Range and one by Railway Range.