Follow safety measures while going out for cycling

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17th June, 2020 02:14:50 printer

Follow safety measures while going out for cycling

Cycling is said to be one of the effective modes of transportation in the COVID-19 days to maintain social distancing and avoid public transport within city limits.

Here are a few safety measures that one should keep in mind when you take your cycle out for a ride:

1. It is recommended not to ride in groups like how it used to be earlier. Social distancing in important. Have a fixed time for yourself. Ride and come back.

2. Along with the helmet, mask and gloves are must during the pandemic. Avoid touching your face while you are cycling.

3. Carry a capped water bottle with you and keep it inside your cycling backpack. Avoid eating or drinking anything from outside. Even if you take breaks in between, stop at places that aren’t crowded.

4. Don’t exert too much. Stay hydrated while you cycle. With the mask on, ride at an easy pace to avoid breathing difficulty.

5. If you are using a rented cycle, wipe down all the touchpoints like handlebars, saddle and pedals. Carry a pocket-sized sanitiser and use it before you even touch your water bottle.

6. If it’s your own cycle, clean it up as soon as come back after the ride and leave the cycle preferably in a safe place outside the house.

7. Clean your shoes also thoroughly and leave them under sun to dry. Wash clothes and take bath immediately before you do anything else.