People coming out of houses on lame excuse

Ahamed Ullah

15th June, 2020 10:08:48 printer

People coming out of houses on lame excuse

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People are constantly getting out of their homes and ignoring social distancing measures by roaming around the marketplaces and neighbourhoods using a variety of excuses, hampering the government’s efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) infection. 

Despite numerous announcements from the government not to leave home without any emergency need, some people are coming up with lame excuses for roaming around.

Many aggrieved people have complained that many people are going out on the excuse of urgent needs but actually, they don’t have any important work. They are adding to the crowds in the streets and the markets.

During visits to different areas of the capital on Monday, many people were seen roaming in the streets. There are more people in the alleys compare than on the main roads. 

People are flocking in the street shops and tea stalls. Many people are gossiping on the streets and alleys. It was also seen that many were returning home with daily necessities. 

Sharif Bhuiyan, a resident of Rampura area, said “We have run out of everything from raw vegetables to fish. So I was forced to come out of my house.”

While talking with another youth named Babu at Mirpur 12 he said “I came out from the home for meeting some friends living on the next lane. I don’t have any emergency needs.”

Like Babu many people, especially young people were seen coming out frequently, posing the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Sohel, a resident of Mirpur 12, said "The government urged people not to come out without urgent need. But many are roaming around unnecessarily. Law enforcers should take action against them. The market is getting very crowded for them.”

Meanwhile, people are not maintaining minimum social distancing and health guidelines in kitchen markets across the capital, even after the infections and deaths of Coronavirus are rising every day in the country.

To be safe from the deadly Coronavirus, the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has asked everyone to follow hygiene rules including washing their hands with soap, wearing face masks and maintaining physical distance.

People were gathering in kitchen markets without maintaining the required distance of 1 metre or so thought to be safe for preventing transmission of COVID-19. Many were not even wearing face masks. 

Most people are wearing masks for fear of the police, but most of them are taking off their masks while talking. Many sellers are seen counting money by using saliva. 

According to public health experts, the dangers can be aggravated if the health rules are not followed, including physical distance. They are also advised not to go around unnecessarily.

A drug store owner in Mirpur area, said: “More than 100 people have been roaming here since morning. No one came to take medicine except 2 to 3 people. The 2/3 who came also searched for masks and gloves. This is the urgent need of the people.”

“Everyone is leaving the house with the excuse of urgent need. If the administration starts taking action against this, you will see that even those who are in urgent need will not come out. Only then will it be possible to stop the spread of coronavirus,” he added.

Public health expert Dr Lelin Choudhury said, “Dangers may increase if health rules are not followed. We need to stop the unnecessary movement. If you can't keep yourself safe, a lot of people will be at risk of health, many will die. Because of this illness, the feeling of well-being in people will be lost.”

On June 9, the lockdown has been imposed in the capital’s East Rajabazar neighbourhood, after the area was declared as a Covid-19 red zone.

People's movements into the locked-down area were being tightly monitored as volunteers and law enforcement officials started to keep a log of people going out and coming into the area. 

Except for emergency matters, no one else was permitted to enter or leave the area. Many appreciated the initiative of the red zone being put under complete lockdown.