Common people being 'deprived' of treatment: Fakhrul


13th June, 2020 09:54:09 printer

Common people being 'deprived' of treatment: Fakhrul

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Saturday alleged that common people are deprived of better treatment as ruling party men are availing of most modern healthcare facilities.

“When an ICU bed, a ventilator or an oxygen cylinder is now like a golden deer, we’ve heard ruling party leaders have booked ICU beds at hospitals. Many of them are seen airlifted to better hospitals. Why don’t the common people get such a,facility?” he said.

The BNP leader raised the question at a virtual press briefing from his Uttara residence.

Fakhrul said it is unfortunate that Dr Moinuddin who was infected with coronavirus while treating patients in Sylhet did not get a sophisticated ambulance or airambulance to get shifted to a hospital in Dhaka.

“He (Moinuddin) died almost without treatment. We now see the dead bodies on the roads, in vehicles, in ambulances and morgues. But it’s the responsibility of the government to ensure the treatment of all. Treatment should be universal. The government has failed to do so,” the BNP leader observed.

Fakhrul alleged that both corona and non-corona patients are going through immense sufferings for getting admitted to a hospital.

“Whenever people go to any hospital, they are asked to undergo corona test, but such test is not available. People are not getting treatment for critical diseases, including kidney, diabetes and cancer. This is the medical system of the country!” he bemoaned.

To improve the country’s corona situation, Fakhrul put forwarded a seven-point recommendation, including enforcing area-based 'strict lockdown’.

His other recommendations include ensuring adequate quality PPE supply to doctors, nurses, health workers, journalists and law enforcers, making arrangements for keeping them in hotels, promptly expanding corona identification and treatment services in districts, distributing rice, pulses, oil and other essentials among  needy families, providing ordinary workers, including RMG ones, with financial assistance, food support and medical treatment, entrusting the army with the responsibility for distributing government relief materials and presenting the exact figure of corona cases and deaths avoiding the policy of hiding information.

Besides, he said, there is no alternative to taking a concerted effort involving the  people of all parties, classes and professions to tackle the crisis.

The BNP leader demanded the government take steps for providing journalists with special allowance and introducing a 'special insurance' for them in the current corona situation.

Fakhrul claimed that their party’s 56 leaders and activists, including Dhaka north city unit general secretary Ahsnaullah Hasan, have so far died from coronavirus while 121 others have been infected with the virus.