What is green, yellow and red alert?

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3rd June, 2020 08:22:30 printer

What is green, yellow and red alert?

Members of law enforcement agencies, including top security agencies of the country, and meteorological offices use green, yellow and red colour-coded signal as a precautionary measure.    

But the government is thinking to use the colour coded signal in the present coronavirus situation.

The government may declare different areas of the country as green, yellow and red zones anytime in order to facilitate urgent action.

This report will help everyone to understand the colour or coded signals.

Green signal means ‘no warning’: There is no need to take any initiative by the authorities concerned.  

As a result, all members of law enforcement agencies, including police perform their duties carefully.

When this signal is in force, public do not face any difficulty in moving and doing their works.

The yellow signal basically means "watch" and the authorities concerned are given advice to be "updated" about the situation.

Although this signal is less risky, it could potentially mean cancelling plans, delaying travel, closing roads and rails, disrupting power and dealing with potential risks to life and property.  

The law enforcement agency members are very active when this signal is in force.

People face some trouble in doing their activities. Check posts are set up on roads and many important points to search people’s belongings. And the law enforcement agencies carry out surveillance.

Red alert is the final stage of warning. Red alert is imposed when enemy attacks are widespread. But presently, the final state of this warning is being used to explain the coronavirus epidemic.

The imposition of a red alert is like enforcement of section 144. At that moment people face difficulties in performing their normal activities.

There is a regulation to search people during their movement and strict monitoring is in place to check movement of public.

But under special circumstances, there is arrangement of passes for the movement of people.

Above all, before imposition of red alert, announcement is made through different media, including radio and television, on behalf of the government.

(This report is contributed by journalist Azahar Ali Sarkar.)