Couples 'should wear masks while having sex', experts advise


3rd June, 2020 06:14:31 printer

Couples 'should wear masks while having sex', experts advise

With the UK now in its tenth week of lockdown, many bored Brits have been getting frisky to keep themselves entertained while at home.

But a new study has warned that having sex could spread coronavirus, and has advised that couples take preventative steps in the bedroom.

This includes avoiding kissing, showering before and after sex, and even wearing masks while having sex.

In the study, researchers from Harvard University ranked different sexual scenarios, based on how like you are to catch coronavirus during them.

Abstinence and masturbation were ranked as ‘low risk’ sexual activities, while sex with people within a household, and sex with people from other households were ranked as ‘high risk’ activities.

While the researchers admit that abstinence isn’t possible for many people, they’re urging people to take certain measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.