Corona Outbreak

Ignoring health guidelines raises infection risk

Ahamed Ullah

2nd June, 2020 10:03:17 printer

Ignoring health guidelines raises infection risk

Despite the continuous rise in coronavirus infection in the country, many city dwellers aren’t following social distancing and health rules, intensifying the risk of more infections. 

The situation is too bad in places like kitchen markets and groceries where people in large numbers are seen thronging to buy essential commodities, paying no heed to the government guidelines on maintaining social distancing.

While visiting various places in the capital, it was seen that people are ignoring major health guidelines and social distancing under the nose of the law enforcement agencies.

Many places including shops and market places ask for maintaining safe distancing, but most people ignore the marked places that are there.

Ruhul Mithu, a trader who sells kitchen items at Mirpur 11 kitchen market, said, “When people come to my shop, I request them to maintain social distancing but nobody bothers.”

Mohammad Kamal, a businessman who came to Mirpur 11 kitchen market, said: “There are too many people with little space to move on making it difficult to maintain distancing.”

The situation was almost same in most of the kitchen markets in the capital including Mohammadpur and Badda areas.

Visiting Chandrima Uddyan and Hatrjheel in the capital on Friday, it was seen that a large number of people gathered there. People are breaking social distancing and health guidelines everywhere as no one is monitoring it.

In an attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the government imposed a lockdown on March 26, closing all offices and educational institutions while shutting down public transport.

The lockdown has since been extended in phases, most recently until May 30. While the government rolled back some of the restrictions, allowing shops, malls, mosques and garment factories to reopen on a limited scale, it continues to enforce the suspension of public transport services.

On Thursday the government has decided not to extend the ongoing general holiday after May 30. The government has issued a gazette notification on Thursday allowing limited operation of public transport and offices from May 31 to June 15 amid the coronavirus outbreak.

However, there are some directives and restrictions that need to be followed till June 15.

It said public transport – buses, trains and vessels – will have to maintain health guidelines.

Public health expert Dr Lenin Chowdhury said, “If everything is open, the danger will be threefold. Lots of people will get sick and there will be a lot of deaths. Because of this illness, the feeling of well-being among people will be lost.”

“A huge amount of money will be required for the treatment of these people. This huge amount of money will also put pressure on our national economy. In addition, many people will be hospitalized,” he added.

He said the result will be the opposite of the purpose for which the lockdown is being lifted to turn the wheel of the economy. The national economy and the people of the country may now have to deal with double or quadruple the economic losses that would have occurred if the lockdown situation had been extended for at least two more weeks.

The health authorities announced detection of 1,764 new patients in the last 24 hours, raising the total cases to 44,608.  A total 28 more people died from coronavirus during this period, taking the death tally to 610.