Why do strokes often happen in bathroom?

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29th May, 2020 04:49:15 printer

Why do strokes often happen in bathroom?

Stroke rate is usually higher in the bathrooms than the average. There are certain issues responsible for this phenomenon.

Stroke is a medical condition in which poor blood flow to the brain results in cell death leading malfunctioning of brain.

Study finds that maintaining no sequence in bathing or showering is responsible for increasing number of strokes in bathroom.

“While bathing or showering, do not wet the head and hair first. This is the wrong sequence.” Writes a professor at UiTM National Sports Board.

We tend to take bath by letting go shower or bucket water on our head directly. It causes the body to adjust its temperature too quickly because we are warm-blooded. It may generate pressure and cause artery or capillary breakage.

Sequenced bathing is very important to avoid such incidences. Start with wetting your legs and up to your head gently.

Frequently, incidences of stroke or heart attack or cardiac arrest in the bathroom happen more in winter than in summer. Water temperature matters a lot while bathing.

Right way of showering is to start wetting the body from the feet up to the shoulders slowly. A sensation of vapour coming out of the crown on the head or bristling of body hair may be felt for some people. Follow this procedure then shower as usual. Especially useful for people with high blood, high cholesterol and even migraine. This is also linked to circadian rhythm. Blood pressure is high in the morning. And most people have a shower in the morning and hence the correlation.