Education and Technology

Karona Sutradhar

24th May, 2020 08:11:14 printer

Education and Technology

The education system around the world is in a state of uncertainty for the condition of coronavirus. There are very few schools and colleges that have the MIS or software system or technological facilities as they can provide online education to support the students. The guardians have very little knowledge or awareness about online/google/email facilities of the classes as they can use upcoming technology for the sake of their children's regular studies at home rather than at school.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh already said that educational institutions will remain closed till September if the situation has not any improved.  The motion of education at this time is really steady.

Apparently, the urban schools and colleges have been providing online education services to the students through MIS, email, mobile calling, however, the rural students are deprived of this kind of pedagogical action. We have just been qualified as in low income middle country by proving our skills. Education is the crucial key to success behind these skills. We must have an emphasis on learning education.

Sheikh Kabir Hossain, president of the Bangladesh Private University Association, has called for continuing online classes even though everything has come to a standstill due to the ongoing CORONAVIRUS state.

Additionally, the online curriculum has been suspended in many institutions due to internet connection problems, lack of pre- preparation, incompetent management system, unskilled staffs and supporters.

If the situation goes in this way, then we have to find a solution to continue a prosperous education service to the pupils to hold on to the merits of the nation.

Governments with the collaboration of the higher authority of the educational organisations have to figure out how to run educational institutions and have to make arrangements for a proper online/digital classroom platform by using technology. In these cases, internet services must have strong connections as students can get access in the google classroom/YouTube /online classes on Zoom , Meet etc. /email/mobile calling/television/radio program/software based classes etc. spontaneously.

Already, few television channels started an education program which is praise worthy. If possible, institutions must train the teachers in a short range to pass the education services to the pupils. We have thought positively about the use of technology right now.

For example, students can ask some questions and get feedback, at least which can motivate them to do learning activities at home. Though, this system may not be facilitated all over the country. Yet, these can be supportive technological tools of teaching and learning. Technology has become the alternative learning material for aid students’ learning anywhere and anytime. Students can learn life skills through technology.

Modern learning means communicating with others, solving complications, critical thinking, developing different leadership forms, improving leadership and productivity, increasing engagement, knowledge retention, do collaboration etc.

Moreover, only the use of technology can keep up the flow of education service to the pupils.


The writer is a teacher of PBEMS and a PhD researcher on Management of PBS, UPM, Malaysia