Shomeshwar Oli writes ‘Baba’ for Imran Mahmudul


23rd May, 2020 02:38:34 printer

Shomeshwar Oli writes ‘Baba’ for Imran Mahmudul

Popular lyricist-singer duo- Shomeshwar Ol and Imran Mahmudul-  are coming up with a new song titled ‘Baba’ this Eid, at a time when the music industry is suffering due to coronavirus pandemic.

The song was composed by Shahriar Alam Marcell. Oli, the lyricist, said the song was written for a drama which will be aired during the Eid holidays. Both the song and the drama will be released by local production house CMC.

“Parents are not lifeless to the offsprings. They always stay by their progeny as a shadow. But the children are apathetic about their parents. This is the thought we have tried to put into tune,” Oli told the media.

“I sang before dedicating to our mothers, but this is the first time when I am putting my voice for our fathers as well,” Imran said.

Oli and Imran had paired up before.

There are many more songs written by Oli which gained popularity among listeners.