US-Bangla starts operating international cargo flights


16th May, 2020 08:11:26 printer

US-Bangla starts operating international cargo flights

US-Bangla Airlines has started operating cargo flights to various international destinations during this coronavirus pandemic.
The US-Bangla Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft started carrying import and export goods especially medical supplies for physicians including garments and perishable vegetables goods, said Md Kamrul Hasan, general manager, public relations of US-Bangla.
US-Bangla started operating cargo flights to Bangkok, Singapore, Kolkata and Guangzhou since May 9, he added.

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The airlines is ready to start operating cargo flights to Asian countries including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Kolkata, Chennai, Guangzhou, Muscat, Doha and especially to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE, he said.
US-Bangla Airlines will be able to transport cargo to countries with which Bangladesh has bilateral agreements on cargo transportation, he added.
Each Boeing 737-800 aircraft can carry about 15 tons of cargos, said Hasan adding that anyone can contact US-Bangladesh cargo flight over mobile phone 01777707503.