Quick testing now imperative to deal with corona: GM Quader


11th May, 2020 11:32:11 printer

Quick testing now imperative to deal with corona: GM Quader

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader on Monday said quick testing has now become imperative in the country to deal with coronavirus.

“Once the testing is completed at the quickest time,  doctors will be able to make a quick decision on the treatment of the patient,” he said through a video message.

The Jatiya Party chairman said the method of testing the government is now following for coronavirus detection as advised by the World Health Organisation was not giving 100 percent  correct results. “The exact results are not found for various reasons, including flaws in sample collection. In that case, we may get good test results from the quick testing.”

He said corona can be tested quickly by using the method developed in the country or by one importing from abroad.

Justifying his demand for quick testing, GM Quader said it took three days to undergo test and another seven days to get results. “It’s seen that the patients are dying by this process of 10 days. So, there's no alternative to treating corona patients by testing  them at the earliest.”

He urged the government to recruit more doctors and nurses to tackle the deteriorating corona situation. “More dedicated hospitals for corona treatment are needed by encouraging private hospitals to come forward in this regard.”

The Jatiya Party chief said the government can announce an incentive package, if necessary, for the private hospitals of those that will come forward to ensure the treatment of corona patients.

He supported the government’s move to ease the shutdown. ‘It’s the right decision as it’s not possible to make the lockdown a success by providing the country’s five core working people with food and medicine… I think the government’s decision of relaxing the lockdown is a,time-befitting one.”

GM Quader also said their party thinks the Prime Minister is properly leading the nation in overcoming the corona pandemic.