Evaly & Esho Shobai Stands Beside 1000 Families

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3rd May, 2020 02:21:10 printer

Evaly & Esho Shobai Stands Beside 1000 Families

‘Esho Sobai' is distributing Iftar goods and food items among one thousand families with the courtesy of E-commerce based Online Marketplace Evaly. On an average of four people in each family, about four thousand people will get these food items and Iftar products.

The organization called 'Esho Shobai' has been started through a digital initiative with the aim of helping the helpless and unemployed people in the Covid-19 Corona situation. Prominent figures in the field of information technology, business and economy and culture of the country responded to this initiative and came forward quickly. One of the sponsors is the e-commerce site evaly.com.bd, a local initiative.

Although the amount of money donated is not disclosed, there are indications that the amount is quite large. In the ongoing Corona situation, Evaly is sponsoring organizations including the E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (E-CAB) and some other voluntary organizations to help the underprivileged.

Esho Shobai has already started its activities for the purpose of distributing Ramadan food items and Iftar products among those families. Distribution of these products among unemployed and helpless families has already been taken place in Gaibandha, Kishoreganj, Narail and Rangpur districts including the capital Dhaka. Distribution activities are being ensured through several voluntary organizations including Amal Foundation, Narail Express, Aviyatrik Foundation, Bidyananda, Mission Save Bangladesh etc.

Didarul Alam Sunny, one of its co-initiator and director of the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), said information technology could play an important role in resolving the ongoing crisis by ensuring proper use and equitable distribution of resources. With that goal in mind, we started working together on this fully online and digital based social enterprise. We have over a hundred individuals with different professions. Through a song recently released on YouTube, they all called on others to come forward alongside these affected people. Through this, we are able to collect and distribute grants through technology for all those who have become financially disadvantaged in the Corona situation, have lost their jobs and become unemployed. Again, social distance is also ensured. As a result of receiving grants digitally, there is also transparency in our activities.

Didarul Alam Sunny also said that more than Tk 16 lakh has already been collected from about 71 individuals and institutional donors besides Evali.

On the other hand, Mohammad Rassel, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Evaly, said that Evaly has always felt its duty and responsibility towards the country and the nation as a domestic enterprise. In this time of crisis we want to come forward with as much help as possible from our limited capacity. At the same time, I would request others to come forward. There is also transparency as everyone is collecting and distributing grants digitally. As a digital organization, we are happy to be on the side of another digital volunteer based organization. At such a time, we all have to work to overcome the crisis by using digital media as far as physical distance is concerned. In this Ramadan, we should all stand by others according to our ability.

About Evaly

E-commerce based marketplace Evaly started its journey on December 16, 2018 with a fully domestic initiative. Within a few days of its launch, the company quickly gained popularity with its attractive branding and customer-friendly offers. It has won the title of being the fastest growing brand in Bangladesh announced by Asia One magazine. And Mohammad Rassel, co-founder of Evaliy, is proud to be Bangladesh's fastest growing leader. The platform currently has over two million registered customers and more than 20,000 vendors.