Using air conditioners amidst Coronavirus pandemic?

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1st May, 2020 12:38:25 printer

Using air conditioners amidst Coronavirus pandemic?

The entire planet is facing the deadly Coronavirus pandemic and is trying to make every possible move to prevent its further spread.

Speculations are surfacing on the internet that the COVID-19 might go or lower its effect with the hot weather. However, a WHO report, later put a full stop to such rumours as there is no clear evidence to support the statement.

April is over and we have entered May. With this, the rising temperature can be a problem for the people.

As the temperature rises, people can’t help but switch on their air conditioners to get some relief.

Here are some of the tips and guidelines to use ACs, coolers or fans amidst Coronavirus pandemic.

AC Temperature

As per guidelines, AC temperature should be moderate between 24-30 degrees Celsius and the humidity between 40-70 per cent. Also, make sure to have a proper ventilation system.


According to reports, people should go for desert coolers instead of evaporative ones, especially in hot and humid conditions. This is because of their cooling reduction technique during high humidity conditions. Desert coolers are effective as they have air filters that keep the dust away and maintain hygiene.

Electric Fans

Fans are an inexpensive and effective method to provide indoor comfort. Also, while using fans, one must not forget to let some air in for proper ventilation. Exhaust fans can also be used for this.