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Tsunami risk found near future Indonesian capital

  • Sun Online Desk
  • 23rd April, 2020 10:45:52 AM
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Scientists have identified a potential tsunami risk in the region chosen by Indonesia for its new capital.

The researchers mapped evidence of multiple ancient underwater landslides in the Makassar Strait between the islands of Borneo and Sulawesi.

If the largest of these were repeated today, it would generate tsunami capable of inundating Balikpapan Bay - an area close to the proposed capital.

But the international team cautions against an overreaction.

His British-Indonesian research team used seismic data to investigate the sediments and their structure on the Makassar seafloor, BBC reported.

The survey revealed 19 distinct zones along the strait where mud, sand and silt have tumbled downslope into deeper waters.

Some of these slides involved hundreds of cubic kilometres of material - volumes that are more than capable of disturbing the water column, and of producing large waves at the sea surface.