Coronavirus treatment: Clinical trials of Ayurvedic drugs to be started in India

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18th April, 2020 04:54:07 printer

Coronavirus treatment: Clinical trials of Ayurvedic drugs to be started in India


The Indian government and doctors are trying hard to find a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

But according to official reports, it might take around 18 months to develop a vaccine.

Amidst the lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked general public to follow the guidelines from the Ministry of Ayush, which recommends certain home remedies to boost immunity.

Thus, doctors may soon start human trials of ayurvedic medicines to treat COVID in India. In states of Goa, Kerala and Harayana, doctors have already started administering Ayurvedic medicines to asymptomatic patients and frontline workers.

The Ministry of Ayush had sought suggestions from doctors across India practising Homeopathy and Ayurveda and have received more than 2,000 proposals.

The trials will first be done on asymptomatic patients and suspected patients, gradually moving on to serious ones and so on.

According to the Ayush Minister Shripad Y Naik, the task force will be studying the proposals thoroughly before they are sent for further research with the Indian Council of Medical Research.

He added: “The ICMR would then revert to the ministry with its opinion on whether or not to go ahead with this line of therapy. In China, they have used traditional medicines along with allopathic drugs. We are awaiting a final decision on this and can expect it within this month.”

At the time of this global crisis, boosting our immunity is our best bet to save ourselves from the deadly virus.

It is also being given to the patients who are recovering from the infections.