Décor ideas with traditional household items

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

16th April, 2020 04:24:38 printer

Décor ideas with traditional household items

The aesthetics of traditional Bengali items mesmerize us all. But owing to a fast paced lifestyle and globalization, the charm of many of these items is fading from our society. Colorful hand-fans (pakhas) of beautiful designs have been ruled out to such an extent now that almost every house has fans and air conditioners. Comforts have replaced Nokshi Kathas. Glass and ceramic saucers have replaced clay pots and brass plates. While in terms of functionality they may have lost their significance, but as artistic items their importance only grows further and further.  These items are not just for a specific time or purpose. They are timeless. Here are some innovative ways you can introduce your home to them. If you already have them in a closet or somewhere in a box, bring them out.

Dolls made of clay and cloth

Yes, now we have Barbie dolls and action figures. However, the classic bride-bridegroom doll made of clay and cloth is a treat for the eyes. The dolls clad in sari with black strings for hair and long, kajol accentuated eyes tell a lot of our culture and leave an imprint on the impressionable minds of children. Put your clay dolls in a glass showcase perhaps somewhere in the drawing room. If you have miniature rickshaws, cow-carts and other remnants of village life, feel free to put them there. That part of the house will be a slice of rural Bangla in your home. Decorate this place with plenty of plants and art. It will be your refuge when life gets too stressful.





The awe of jute products

Jute is considered the golden fiber of Bangla. Though many people in Bangladesh may not be aware of their significance, many people abroad are its loyal fans as these products are often exported heavily. Jute baskets, mats and other handicrafts also add a unique aesthetic to your home. Consider placing jute baskets and jute handicrafts in your bedroom, in the dining, on the kitchen stack and just about everywhere. They will surely be transformative.

Art of terracotta paintings and metal crafts

Be a new age Mughal aristocrat with your lavish terracotta paintings covering a whole wall. Indulge in lustrous metal handicrafts from Dhamrai. They will surely add an edge to your personality and also help the artisans. If you do not want your whole dining or drawing room wall covered by terracotta paintings, at least consider getting a few of them and place them wisely all around the house.


Bring home earthen glory

Large clay pots invite earthen glory to your home. In the past, large clay pots were makeshift refrigerators. They kept the water cool for thirsty souls. You can still get a pitcher for that purpose even now. Science says that cold water drunk from clay pots do not pose trouble such as coughing unlike refrigerated water. Otherwise you can consider getting them simply for decoration. Place a large one outside your door with a small plant and a floral wreath. Your guests will understand that the residents in this home are very artistic. You can also get clay dishes.

Beside these, you can get mura (for sitting) in the verandah along with chairs made of fine wood. Consider hanging many local paintings to your sitting room’s walls. The kaleidoscope of colors is a feast for the eyes.