Expert urges global community to quit blame games over COVID-19


10th April, 2020 04:04:14 printer

Expert urges global community to quit blame games over COVID-19

Blame games derail global development and should have no place in civilized existence because they cause unnecessary anxiety, which only serves to exacerbate underdevelopment, a Zambian peace and development expert said on Friday.

Dr. Rose Fumpa-Makano told Xinhua in an interview that conversations around the COVID-19 should lead to providing solutions and that the global community would do well to work at addressing the challenge instead of entertaining theories that cannot be substantiated.

Fumpa-Makano explained that the United Nations and other continental and regional bodies exist to address issues confronting the world and that these should be utilized even during this period.

"Blame games will not take us anywhere, especially without any substantial evidence. They will only serve to bring disunity and delay development," said Fumpa-Makano, a researcher and lecturer with Copperbelt University's Dag Hammarskjold Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies.

She explained that human beings are not short of the capacity to address challenges particularly when everyone is in agreement about moving forward having identified the problem and learnt the lessons.

She further implored the global community to focus on identifying and rectifying the problem stating that COVID-19, as with other calamities before is not a challenge that is insurmountable because human beings have the intellect and capability to address such.

"We should agree as a people of the international community on how best to go about this issue without blaming anyone because the coronavirus knows no border and cannot be confined to a region," Fumpa-Makano said.

"It has knocked down the economic wheels of the world. The wheels of industry would have continued to run had it been malaria or some other non-contagious disease," Fumpa-Makano said.