Banks to remain closed in lockdown areas


9th April, 2020 11:45:36 printer

Banks to remain closed in lockdown areas

Bangladesh Bank has ordered halting operations of bank branches in areas put under lockdown by the government during the general holidays to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The central bank also reduced the transaction hours by 30 minutes.

Both orders will come into effect from April 12 (Sunday).

A circular, issued by the Department of Off-site Supervision of the central bank, said the bank branches located in the lockdown areas will remain closed in accordance with the announcement of the local administration. 

About the bank operation hour, it said the concerned branches of banks and their head offices will operate transaction and other banking activities from 10am to 12:30pm instead of 10am to 1pm while the banks will remain open up to 2pm for other activities. 

However, the authorised dealers designated banks can do their general banking until 1:30pm considering their own needs, the circular said.

Bangladesh Bank also asked the banks to maintain the safety and hygiene related guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) while operating the banks. 

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Earlier on April 2, the central bank extended the operation hour by 60 minutes which allowed banks to remain open from 10am to 3pm with transaction period from 10am to 1pm during the general holidays.