Covid-19: Rubel unhappy at politicians’ response to help poor


9th April, 2020 04:12:18 printer

Covid-19: Rubel unhappy at politicians’ response to help poor

Expressing his unhappiness with the county’s politicians, Bangladesh pacer Rubel Hossain has said why they are not going to the doorsteps of the poor people with food as they are unable to work due to the nationwide shutdown following the coronavirus outbreak.

As per the official data, 330 people have so far tested positive for coronavirus in the country while 21 of them have died.

At the same time, most parts of the country are now under lockdown. So, the poor people have no way of income right now. They have to stay at home as per government directives to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Please stop criticising others. The country is now at a critical moment for all of us. So, we’ve to come up to help each other. We’ve to provide the poor with food. If you (politicians) can make door-to-door visits to seek votes, why can’t you do so to help the people?” Rubel said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

All the cricketing activities in the country have been suspended. Bangladeshi cricketers had started playing Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League right before the virus outbreak. But after the first round of the league, Bangladesh Cricket Board decided to stop all the cricketing events in the country. At the same time, the Ministry of Youth and Sports stopped other sporting events in the country.

The top cricketers of Bangladesh donated their-15 day salary to tackle the current situation created by the coronavirus. Along with them, 91 cricketers, who are contracted with the board as the First-class cricketers, have also donated their 15-day salary to help people who are unable to work and earn due to the current situation.