North Korea says it has developed nano-antibiotic masks


8th April, 2020 07:25:58 printer

North Korea says it has developed nano-antibiotic masks

A North Korean research institute has developed nano-antibiotic face masks, according to a report by the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Wednesday.

"Amid a nationwide emergency anti-epidemic campaign to prevent Covid-19, the Medical Instrument Institute under the DPRK Ministry of Public Health recently developed a nano-antibiotic mask with domestic materials," KCNA reported. 
Unlike all of its East Asian neighbors, North Korea has not reported any coronavirus cases.

In the KCNA report, vice director of the institute Ri Jae Dok said that "the newly-developed mask fully confirms (sic) with the technological specifications of masks recognized by the World Health Organization.”

The masks are reportedly treated with a nano-antibiotic solution that helps sterilize and remove germs and viruses, and filters fine dust, according to the report. The masks are being produced at the Pyongyang Medical Appliances Factory, according to KCNA.