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Queen feeds her beloved corgis 45p Tesco dog food

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  • 8th April, 2020 06:18:16 PM
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Queen feeds her beloved corgis 45p Tesco dog food

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Ever since the Queen got her first corgi when she was just 18, she has been a dedicated dog-lover and always has them by her side.

She now has two 'dorgis'- a cross-breed between a dachshund and a corgi - called Vulcan and Candy.

Now, you're probably assuming the lucky animals live a life of luxury.

Surely living at Buckingham Palace means they get the finest food and treats there are, right? Fillet steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner...? Well, apparently not.

It turns out the pampered pooches actually chow down on budget-friendly dog food from one of the UK's largest retailers - Tesco.
On Channel's 5 documentary Inside Waitrose, broadcaster Daisy McAndrew was seen analysing some of the products from the royal warranted store.

She picked up the Forthgrade dog food and said: "The ingredients are beef, wild boar, apple, parsnip, carrots, and seaweed.
"Now that list of ingredients is more expensive and better than people feed to themselves or their children.

"This is probably the poshest of all Waitrose products."

She continued: "We know the royals particularly are huge dog fans. They all have dogs.
"However, we do know that the Queen feeds her dogs Tesco basic dog food."

This costs only 45p per can.

If it's good enough for the Queen, it's good enough for us and we'll definitely be feeding it to our furry friends.