Shakib Al Hasan is going to be father for 2nd time


7th April, 2020 10:18:25 printer

Shakib Al Hasan is going to be father for 2nd time

Bangladeshi celebrated all rounder Shakib Al Hasan is going to be a father for the 2nd time after his daughter Alayna Hasan.

The world famed all rounder Shakib disclosed the good news in his official Facebook page on Tuesday.

He wrote, "big sisterhood" by sharing a photo of his daughter Alayna Hasan, who was holding a baby dress and written "welcome home".

Shakib with his family now staying in New York, is going to be blessed with a baby within few months.

The couple got married in 2012, three years after their marriage in 2015, Shakib announced that his wife is expecting a baby daughter.

Earlier on last Friday (Apr 3), Shakib Al Hasan joined his family in USA with sound health after spending 14-day self- isolation in a hotel in the United States of America (USA) following the instruction of World Health Organization.

Shakib, who is now facing a  two-year ban (with one-year suspended) from cricket by the International Cricket Council (ICC), has gone into self-isolation in a hotel upon arriving in the USA on March 21 amid the outbreak of COVID-19 that has reached epidemic levels there.

In a video message during the self-isolation period, Shakib made an announcement to form a charity organisation named "The Shakib Al Hasan Foundation" 

The foundation has already started functioning under the banner "Mission Save Bangladesh" to support distressed peoples of Bangladesh. 

After reaching USA on March 21, Shakib Al Hasan went straight into a hotel room before meeting his wife Umme Ahmed Shisir and daughter Alayna Hasan as a measure of precaution .

In a video, posted on his Facebook page at that time, Shakib also urged his fans, followers and fellow Bangladeshis to stay home to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“We have to follow the precautionary steps which can help us stay safe and healthy at this moment. We have to wash our hands frequently, we have to maintain social distance and follow the right way while coughing and sneezing,” Shakib mentioned in the video post.

“If anyone comes from abroad he should maintain quarantine and stay alert about not going out to see people. A 14-day quarantine is very important. I want to share my experience with it. I just arrived in the USA and came to a hotel directly and stayed in self-isolation for 14 days. It’s tough for me, but still, I didn’t meet my daughter. I believe this small sacrifice will help us protect  ourselves,” he added.

By putting himself under self-isolation, Shakib Al Hasan has already set an example. He further wants people to follow the simple guidelines to protect themselves from getting affected by the disease. The prolific all-rounder feels by creating more awareness, we can keep the country safe.

“Hope everyone is well. The World Health Organization has called coronavirus as an epidemic. Bangladesh is not beyond that. ”

‘You already have heard that many corona virus affected patients have been found in Bangladesh. We need to be careful now. Our awareness can keep our country safe, to keep us healthy. ‘

“By following some simple steps, I think we can be free from this disease and keep our country safe from it. For example, washing hands with soap, maintaining social distance, adhering to proper etiquette when coughing and if someone is returning from abroad, he must keep himself at home and make sure not to leave the house. “

Before going to the USA, Shakib was travelling in the UK as he was seen to watch a football match between Manchester United FC and Manchester City FC at the Old Trafford on March 8. The all-rounder posted an image of Old Trafford on March 14 on his social media.

After that, he returned to Bangladesh and might have travelled his village in Magura as he posted some pictures with the hashtag # backtomy childhood on his social media on March 16, 17, 18 and 19.

Many people, mainly his fans, raised the question over his travelling during the coronavirus pandemic and asked on the Facebook comment box if he maintains the quarantine advice from the government after returning from the UK.

Shakib was banned from all cricketing activities for two years in October last year, with one year of those is suspended. The all-rounder is expected to return to the action before the T20 World Cup this year in Australia.