'Shops will have to close by 7pm every day but press out of purview'

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7th April, 2020 10:17:02 printer

'Shops will have to close by 7pm every day but press out of purview'

Although all kinds of shops will have to close by 7:00 pm (from Tuesday) in order to prevent transmission of novel coronavirus, the newspaper will remain out of purview.  

The Police Headquarters confirmed this information, said media report on Tuesday.

Already, all police officers at local level have been informed in this regard, the PHQ said.   

All shops, superstores and kitchen markets in Dhaka will be closed by 7:00pm every day as the coronavirus outbreak in the country continued to intensify.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Shafiqul Islam issued the directive on Monday.

But drugstores and emergency services are exempted from the order, according to DMP commissioner.

Newspapers and other essential services will remain out of the purview of the ongoing shutdown, which was announced by the government to contain the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

A circular, issued by the public administration ministry earlier said that utility services such as water, electricity, gas, telephone, and internet will be operational during the shutdown.

Transportation of agricultural products, fertiliser, insecticides, gasoline, newspapers, food, goods, medical equipment, and daily essentials will also be outside the purview of the suspension.

Besides, kitchen markets, restaurants, drugstores, and hospitals will also remain open, the circular added.