27 samples tested at COVID-19 Laboratory in Rangpur Monday


6th April, 2020 05:33:01 printer

27 samples tested at COVID-19 Laboratory in Rangpur Monday

Testing of 27 samples of suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) infected patients completed at the COVID-19 Laboratory of the Department of Microbiology at Rangpur Medical College (RMC) in the city today.

“We tested samples of 27 suspected COVID-19 patients for the second time today,” Head of the Department of Microbiology of RMC and Superintendent of its COVID-19 Laboratory Associate Professor Dr. Mostakimur Rahman told journalists at 4:30 pm.

Earlier, collected samples of 42 suspected COVID-19 patients from different districts of Rangpur division were tested successfully for the first time last Friday after setting up of the Covid-19 Laboratory at RMC.

“It took five to six hours to complete the testing process of the collected samples of throat swabs, blood and sweat and cough of suspected patients at the laboratory today,” Dr. Rahman said, adding that the results
will be sent to the IEDCR later.

Principal of RMC Professor Dr. AKM Nurunnabi Laizu said the COVID-19 Laboratory has been set up after completing installation of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine after receiving the same from the IEDCR last week.

“Later, we started testing samples of suspected COVID-19 infected patients at the laboratory last Friday after getting kits, well plates and other inputs from the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research
(IEDCR),” he said.

The IEDCR provided necessary training and instruction to the physicians, technologists and technicians concerned before going to official testing of COVID-19 infection maintaining international standards as per the IEDCR guidance at the laboratory.

Focal Point of the COVID-19 Laboratory and Lecturer (Virology) of the Department of Microbiology at RMC Dr. MA Aziz said the laboratory has a capacity to test samples of 94 suspected patients simultaneously using 94 well plates once a day.

“During the testing process, two well plates, out of totally received 96 well plates from the IEDCR, are being kept for displaying results of COVID-19 positive or COVID-19 negative,” he added.

The trained technologists are collecting samples under supervision of the Civil Surgeons, Superintendents of District Sadar Hospitals and Surveillance Immunization Medical Officers of the World Health Organisation at the district levels of Rangpur division.

“Later, the collected samples are being sent to the COVID-19 Laboratory at RMC to test using the PCR machine to get correct results,” Dr. Aziz said, adding that the test results will be sent to the IEDCR at Dhaka later.