Over 100 RMG factories operate amid coronavirus fear


6th April, 2020 03:11:39 printer

Over 100 RMG factories operate amid coronavirus fear

More than 100 garment factories remained open in Savar and Ashulia ignoring safety of the workers and calls to shut down amid concerns over a coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Factories in Hemayetpur, Ulail, Tetuljhora, Rajfulbaria, Kornopara, Charabag in Ashulia, Khejurbagan, Jirabo, Ghoshbag, and Jamgora are in operation although the government declared a general holiday until April 14 and the BGMEA urged owners to keep factories closed for the time being.

Bangladesh’s labour-intensive RMG sector, which contributes over 80 percent to the country’s export earnings, is at particular risk of COVID-19 outbreak. People work in close proximity to each other in the factories, exposing them to infectious diseases like coronavirus, health experts say.

Garment worker Safia said they are unwilling to continue work in this situation but the owner has threatened to sack them.

“We can’t afford to lose our jobs. So, we must continue working,” said Nazma Aktar, a worker of Anlima Garment.

Abu Taleb, a worker of Doel Group Garment said they joined work as the factory owner said they have urgent export orders to meet.

Bangladesh, the second largest exporter of RMG products after China, employs more than four million people in the sector, mostly women.

The country is currently trying to limit the transmission of coronavirus by announcing a general holiday and urging people to stay indoors. COVID-19 cases rose to 117 on Monday with the country reporting four deaths and detection of 29 new patients.

Garment factories under the supervision of Dhaka Export Processing Zone remained shut following request of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

BGMEA President Rubana Huq on Saturday urged the owners to keep their factories closed until April 11 to help tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, mobile courts led by executive magistrates are fining people for violating social isolation and coming out on the streets instead of staying home.

Savar Upazila Assistant Commissioner (land) and Executive Magistrate Abdullah Al Mahfuz said: “The local administration is monitoring to prevent unnecessary movement of people on roads.”