Covid-19 app, chatbot launched for people in Bihar

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2nd April, 2020 05:09:42 printer

Covid-19 app, chatbot launched for people in Bihar

Coronavirus cases continue to mount in India. Amid the present scenario, governmental agencies, NGOs and researchers are launching tools to dispense information about the outbreak to the people. Now, an initiative based in Bihar has launched a Covid-19 mobile application and a chatbot for the people in the state.

The mobile application called Bihar ka Sathi app is available for download on the Google Play Store and it provides assistance pertaining to the virus outbreak to the people in Bihar. In addition to Covid-19, the app also provides assistance with respect to complications in pregnancy and unavailability of food.

The app, as per the description available on the website, captures details of the person raising the SOS along with their geo-coordinates, that is their exact location, and shares it with the ‘relevant government department for redressal’. Additionally, the app provides information about various initiatives and schemes by the government that raise awareness about the novel coronavirus and other health issues.
In addition to the app, the initiative called has also launched a web-based chatbot that provides information about various facets pertaining to the virus outbreak such as latest figures, travel advisories, mythbusters, donation options and professional advice by medical professionals from AIIMS and others in four different languages, which includes English, Hindi, Maithli and Urdu. It sources information from the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health, India.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first app that has been launched in the state. Last month a report said that the Bihar government had designed an app to dispense information about the virus outbreak in the state. The mobile app tracks and monitors under observation in real-time.

“Anganwadi sevikas, panchayat sevaks and accredited social health activists (ASHAs) to go and physically check on a daily basis every individual who has been advised quarantine and update their medical condition on the app provided to them either on their mobile phone or tablets provided to them. Every such worker has been assigned 10 houses per day so that they do their job sincerely,” Bihar’s DMD principal secretary Pratyaya Amrit told.


Source: HT