Government takes ‘no test, no corona’ policy: Rizvi

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30th March, 2020 07:43:49 printer

Government takes ‘no test, no corona’ policy: Rizvi

BNP’s senior joint secretary general advocate Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Monday alleged that the government has taken ‘no test, no corona’ policy amid deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

The BNP leader made this allegation at a press briefing through videoconferencing from the party’s Nayapaltan headquarters on Monday noon.

“The ruling Awami League government’s policy over coronavirus pandemic is clear to the people of the country. The government has been following ‘no kit, no corona, no test no corona, no patient no corona’ policy,” Rizvi said.

Mentioning that Iran and Italy have destroyed their nation and became isolated from the world by following ‘hiding policy’, Rizvi said that the present government is also walking on their footprints.

Moreover, the government is also adamant to keep secret their ‘hide and seek’ policy and carrying out vicious moves so that none can expose it. The government treated such exposure as rumours, he added.

Rizvi also alleged that though the government got two months' time, they did not pay any attention to this problem.

He also pointed out the government’s failure and lack of coordination in ensuring quarantine as per the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the returnees who came home from the Covid-19 hit countries.

Rizvi added, "The government has no preparation to tackle this virus pandemic, there is no coordination, no proper management and not enough kits to detect patients, no safety measures for doctors, not enough masks, sanitizers and ventilators.”

“Without mass examination, the information of coronavirus infected patients provided by the government is not credible,” he further said.