Coronavirus Home Quarantine: How to keep the Elderly People Engaged


29th March, 2020 10:14:23 printer

Coronavirus Home Quarantine: How to keep the Elderly People Engaged

Coronavirus outbreak is still risking the existence of humankind in different countries around the world. Like the other countries of world, our Government has asked general people to stay at home quarantine for a certain period to prevent the contagion of COVID-19 disease. Home quarantine might feel like a holiday initially, but when it extends beyond a week, it might feel like a prison unless you find some ways to keep the mind engaged.

In a typical day, some elderly people love to go for an evening-walk; some enjoys meeting their same-aged friends in a cafe or tea stall; some visit local library; while some senior citizens travel across the town to manage the perfect seed for their garden. Home quarantine prohibits them doing their favorite activities. Unlike youngsters, the old people have limited options for recreation during home quarantine. Read this article if you are looking for ways to keep the elderly members your family occupied during the quarantine period.

Doing Exercise, Yoga and Meditation

Considering the level of physical strength of your elderly family members, you can persuade them in doing some morning exercises and workouts. Furthermore, you can teach your parents and other senior relatives some Yoga poses which will make them feel better both physically and emotionally. If workouts seem difficult for their old bodies you can motivate them in practicing meditation which will pacify their mind releasing anxieties caused by coronavirus pandemic.

Reading Books

By the wings of imagination, humankind can travel beyond their home, country, region or even universe. Unlike the internet-freak current young generation, most of the elderly persons get immense pleasure in reading books. You can buy your senior family members some novels written by their favorite writers. What is more? You can also hearten your adorable parents to read bed time stories to their grandchildren which can make them feel blissful.

Story Telling Session

People get old with memories – composed of success, failure, joy and sorrows – which can be a pathway of learning for their descendants. Our aged family members have always something useful to teach us through the lens of their own life-experience. You can inspire the elderly members to share their memories with the young members of your family. If you have kids at home, you can fix a story telling session, when the grandparent will tell fairy tales or real-life stories to their grand children. It will strengthen the bonding between young and old souls of your family which is very essential to make their quarantine period pleasant.  

Doing Indoor Sports

The old people who love outdoor sports like Golf, but are now getting bored inside home due to coronavirus, can play indoor games. To allow your elder parents some fun activities, you can bring several family members to play carom board game, chess game or ludu game. If you have enough space at home, arrange an indoor ping pong table, or indoor table tennis table which will boost up the physical strength of your elderly parents in addition to making them cheer up.

Writing a Diary

Wring special feelings, and/or day to day memories is another great way to release the Coronavirus stress. Why don’t you encourage the elderly family members to start writing a diary? It will not only keep their mind occupied but also prevent them from the urge of going outside home to kill their loneliness.

Caring Indoor Plants

If you have a space in your roof or balcony with enough sunlight exposure, plant some trees. And ask for help to your elderly parents in watering those plants regularly. Thus you can help them find a new way to shower their love and care to a living being.

Watching Old Classic Movies

The senior citizens rarely find interest in playing video games. Rather they love to watch movies. To escape the anxiety due to the current epidemic of COVID-19 disease, you can persuade your old parents and relative not to watch the news all day long. Instead, you can select them some classic movies which can keep them smiling like old times.

Trying What Works for Them

Every individual has different personality traits. You can encourage your elderly parents trying creative things depending on their special individual interest. For instance, your mother can find joy in trying a new recipe; while your old man may enjoy making his grand kid a paper toy. In simple words, support them in trying things which can make them happy. And let them doing what really works for them.

Bangladesh Autorickshaw-Autotempo Transport Workers Federation (BAATWF) urged the government, transport owners and affluent people to provide food and other essentials to the transport workers who have become jobless due to the current situation created over coronavirus.

President of the BAATWF Md Fulmia Bhuiyan and general secretary Md Golam Faruk,  in a joint statement,  made the call saying that about 7 lakh transport workers who are engaged in auto-rickshaw (three wheelers) and auto-tempo sector have become unemployed during the general holiday announced by the government .

They said these transport workers earn their wages on daily-work basis and when the transport operation is suspended they have no way to earn money to run their families.

“So, we urge the government to take steps to support the transport workers with essential items,”said the statement.

The leaders also urged the transport workers to obey the government order to prevent the coronavirus transmission.