Bangladeshi youths take initiative for designing ‘low cost’ medical ventilator

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28th March, 2020 06:29:17 printer

Bangladeshi youths take initiative for designing ‘low cost’ medical ventilator

A group of Bangladeshi youths have introduced specialised competition to design ‘low cost’ medical ventilator on Saturday to support the critical patients infected by coronavirus.

The challenge is to design a simple, maintainable, easy-to-manufacture ventilator to provide life support to COVID-19 patients anywhere in Bangladesh, said a news release of the organiser.

Falling Walls Lab Bangladesh chapter has taken the initiative inspired by ‘Code Life Ventilator Challenge’ conducted by The Montreal General Hospital Foundation.

Students of Dhaka University, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and Dhaka Medical College facilitated the progamme ‘Project Medical Ventilator’.

In a statement, organisers informed that the top three design submission will be available for free download to anyone. Using the best design organisers will crowdfund to produce 2 thousand pieces of ventilators to distribute for personal and institutional use. Winners will get prize money of Tk 200 thousand.

The ICU bed number at hospitals is almost 250 and the ratio of general bed to ICU bed is 219:1, which should be 10:1 for standard healthcare service. In each month almost 500-600 patients apply for intensive care support but only 80-90 can be admitted.

Falling Walls Lab organiser Hasibul Himel said the almost 10-12 percent of the infected people need ventilators to survive as the COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system and creates a severe breathing problem.

The medical ventilators are highly-priced, ranging from almost Tk 2.1 million to Tk 50 million and buying ventilators is not enough. It needs a whole professional team to operate and maintain which is another large investment, according to the organiser.

The completion will bring ideas from the innovators to make a low cost medical ventilator is a machine that helps the lungs work or assist in breathing, Hasibul said.

The number of coronavirus affected remained unchanged at 48, according to the latest briefing of the government agency.

The Challenge is open to the large public of Bangladesh. Submission Deadline 31st March 2020. To learn more visit