Hasina proves to be Mother of Humanity, once again!

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26th March, 2020 07:54:31 printer

Hasina proves to be Mother of Humanity, once again!

Once a leader always a leader! We are fortunate to have as our prime minister not only one of the most forward thinking visionary of our time but also one who is a most compassionate and considerate human being possible. Our Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has once again proved that she is indeed above all else the Mother of Humanity. Her compassionate gesture is reflected in releasing opposition BNP chief Khaleda Zia by using special executive powers vested in her as Prime Minister.

We have already seen our PM generously extending the territorial hospitality of Bangladesh to the persecuted Rohingya people arriving by the hundreds of thousands from Myanmar in August 2017. Since then our PM continued to staunchly uphold the cause of humanity by not forcing the hapless Rohingyas to return to their homeland against their will. Still now, Bangladesh is housing and feeding more than a million Rohingyas despite our own domestic resource constraints.

Under the present unforeseen circumstances of a potential threat of corona spreading looming in the country, our PM used her special executive powers to free the former prime minister for six months to enable her to remain safe in the care of her immediate family members. This definitely again revealed the kind and compassionate side of our Prime Minister which is one of the many reasons that has endeared her and increased her popularity with the people of the country over the years.

Time and again our PM proved herself to be one of the most kind and compassionate human being despite her gentler side being put to the test as she followed the footsteps of her great father, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Through various ups and downs faced by her, she remained consistent in showing generosity and concern for even her opponents. Her kind gestures extended even to those who under similar circumstances did not offer her the slightest consideration.

The true mettle of a leader is proven during times like this when a nation faces some kind of threats to its existence. Just like she has passed the test of humanity, kindness and consideration in all her roles - as an individual, as a statesman and as a leader par excellence, under her able guidance we look forward to successfully overcoming the present crisis of Covid-19.