Three months’ power, gas, petroleum in govt reserve

Shamim Jahangir

24th March, 2020 11:23:28 printer

Three months’ power, gas, petroleum in govt reserve

The government is ready to ensure an uninterrupted supply of petroleum, power and natural gas for the next three months despite the outbreak of coronavirus.

State Minister for Power and Energy Nasrul Hamid said this while talking to the daily sun on Tuesday on the government’s preparedness over coronavirus.

“I have already instructed the divisions concerned to take necessary steps to maintain supply chain during the shutdown,” Nasrul Hamid said.

“I can assure you that we have a three-month stock of petroleum fuel and also an available supply of power. Besides, we have sufficient natural gas as well.”

As part of the government preparedness, the power distribution companies have already been asked to prepare average monthly billing information about the utility consumption without checking the regular meters as a precautionary measure to rein in coronavirus outbreak, Nasrul said. Besides, the consumers who paid their bills using the pre-paid meters will enjoy holiday mood to run their power and natural gas supply in the interim period, he said.

But the consumers who paid their bills for using smart prepaid meters have been asked to refill their credit in advance for the uninterrupted supply. He said two separate groups are working in different power plants and other key point installment.

“If any member of a group is infected, then another group will start working,” he said as a part of the pre-cautionary measures taken by the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources.

According to him, the government will keep open the CNG re-fueling stations and petrol pumps across the country.  “We have covered over 90 percent of power connectivity and hope to complete cent percent during the Mujib Barsho,” said the junior minister.  Despite some breakdown to implement power and energy projects due to coronavirus outbreak, the minister hopes that the government will overcome the existing odds.