Shawpno steps up to ensure germ free safe environment for shoppers

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22nd March, 2020 05:46:27 printer

Shawpno steps up to ensure germ free safe environment for shoppers

The world has been gripped by the clutches of Coronavirus fear.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared the novel coronavirus outbreak ‘COVID-19’ as a global pandemic.  The international organization has also urged all not to panic rather has emphasized to create more awareness as a precautionary measure. And the foremost condition to prevent this virus is by staying germ free. For this reason - country’s largest retail brand Shawpno has taken comprehensive program to keep day to day market places clean and germ free for its daily shoppers.

Experts said there is no alternative to ‘awareness’ in a bid to combat the corona virus. And for this reason, the emphasis is on ‘cleanliness’. Especially, advise in on to keep our hands clean and germs free.

Some people have recently been infected with coronavirus in the country, the Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) said. Since then, the demand for essential products such as hand sanitizer, Hexisol has increased in the market. However, to ensure the personal safety of the people Shawpno is giving special discount on all kinds of antibacterial products.

In addition to this extra cleanliness and sanitization are being ensured in all the Shwapno outlets.  Where, doors, shelves, refrigerators, including other surfaces which are more exposed to human touch are being cleaned with disinfectants several times at hourly intervals. At the same time, the floors of the outlets are being mopped frequently with antibacterial to make it more hygiene. The executives and sales staff at Shawpno’s outlet have been ensured that they remain hygiene at their best level. Also, sanitizers are being made to free for usage the hands of consumers when they enter the outlets.

In this regard, Executive Director of Shawpno, Sabbir Nasir said, "During this dire situation, people need to ensure their personal safety first without getting panicked. Shwapno is providing quality safe food products to keep the customer happy, at the same time effort is on to keep our customers germ free. Above all, our collective efforts are on to keep the outlets neat and clean free from germs from getting spreading.”

Other than this, purified water is being used to make ice to preserve fish, meat at the respective outlets. And to keep the fish and meat fresh, these are being stored at 2-4 degrees Celsius, which will keep the foods free from forming any kind of bacteria.