Monday, 6 December, 2021

Call to adopt eco-friendly pest management to produce chemical-free food

Agricultural scientists and researchers urged the grassroots farmers to use eco-friendly pest management to protect environment and produce chemical-free food grains and vegetables.

Substantial and sustainable promotion of eco-friendly pest management can also be a vital means of protecting and conserving the beneficial insects through controlling the harmful and destructive ones, they told a farmers’ field day meeting.

Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) organized the meeting titled “Leveraging Diversity for Ecology Based Pest Management” at Alimganj village under Paba Upazila in the district yesterday.

More than 100 farmers both male and female joined the meeting and they were imparted training on how to promote eco-friendly pest management effectively.

BRRI Chief Scientific Officer Dr Aminul Islam, Principal Scientific Officer Mosaddeque Hossain and Senior Scientific Officers Dr Harun-Or-Rashid and Dr Anwar Uddin addressed the meeting as resource persons disseminating their expertise on the issue.

Dr Aminul Islam told the farmers that excessive and indiscriminate uses of toxic agro-chemicals generate different kinds of risks and trouble in both land and water posing a serious threat to the biodiversity and beneficial insects in particular.

The issue of land and water pollution is being adjudged as a serious threat to the public health in the present context of exorbitant use of chemical pesticides in farms, he said.

Using chemical pesticides in farming fields is always harmful to soil, water, crops, environment and public health as a whole. So, there is no way to give utmost importance towards promoting good best practices in agriculture widely, Dr Islam added.