Coronavirus: Don’t go to parlours right now

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19th March, 2020 02:57:28 printer

Coronavirus: Don’t go to parlours right now

It is important for beuty parlours to exercise caution and hygiene measures should they choose to stay open.

* Communicate to your patrons that you would appreciate if they do not cough or sneeze when they are near someone, or to cover their mouths when they are doing so. Ideally, if they are not feeling okay, they should cancel the appointment and stay at home.

* It is imperative that beauty parlours do some extra cleaning and disinfecting. No client would want to walk into a parlour that is visibly dirty, and where they do not clean up after they are done with another customer.

* A stylist must always clean their hands after they are done with a customer. This is a safe and hygienic practice, which is more important now than ever before.

* When wiping their hands dry, it is better that they use eco-friendly paper than towels that are repeatedly used.

For customers

* It is important that you realise the importance of self-isolation and social distancing right now. As mentioned earlier, unless it is absolutely necessary, do not make an appointment. Skip going to the parlour if you are particularly feeling under the weather of late.

* If at all you have to go, wear a mask so you do not risk spreading the virus to someone else.

* Remember that the beautician/parlour staff is only doing their job, and that it is your responsibility, too, to exercise some precaution.

* Insist on hygiene and ensure that your stylist washes their hands before touching your hair or face, and after they are done with you.

* If possible, get your own robe instead of putting on one handed over by the salon staff. It is better to not take the risk, since you may never be sure of who may have worn it before you, if it has been washed properly, if it has been washed at all, etc.

Self grooming

Now, more than ever, you can work on self-grooming. There are many DIY techniques to try at home. Do not get too experimental, though, and ideally wait for a few days till you are told otherwise.