Govt has financial ability to face COVID-19: Kamal


18th March, 2020 08:25:54 printer

Govt has financial ability to face COVID-19: Kamal

Asserting that the government has financial capability to fight against the deadly virus COVID-19, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal  said the Ministry of Health would receive all necessary support and funding so that it could fulfill its demands to face the virus.

“If there is any apprehension that the Ministry of Health will face problem or lack financial capability to deal with this virus (Novel Corona), then I can assure you that this apprehension is not right. We’ve such financial capability,” he said.

The Finance Minister was replying to the questions of the reporters at his ministry conference room at Bangladesh Secretariat today after chairing two separate meetings on Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs and Cabinet Committee on Government Purchase.

Kamal said it is his firm belief that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina would not disagree if there is any proposal from the Ministry of Health to procure necessary equipment, or to have logistical support or to build any purpose-based hospital to protect the citizens from this deadly virus.

“We’ll extend all necessary cooperation and financial support to the Ministry of Health so that it doesn’t lag behind compared to its requisite demands to face this virus.” he added.

The Finance Minister said it is now not only the responsibility of the government, the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Finance, but also the responsibility of the countrymen to take necessary pre-cautionary measures to stay safe.

Replying to another question, he said that the government would make it public if any financial assistance comes from the international agencies, including the IMF, ADB and the World Bank.