Sing to fight and survive corona fear!

Nadeem Qadir

8th March, 2020 10:47:25 printer

Sing to fight and survive corona fear!

At a time when the deadly COD-19 or coronavirus has spread to over 100 countries, the world is gripped by fear and panic. Interestingly, some witty lyricists and singers have taken steps to add some smiles amid a gloomy situation by turning songs or health directives into parodies from the USA to Vietnam.

Bangladesh might catch up soon with the fun to keep everyone in an upbeat mood as the threat of getting sick with the big bug remains high. On Sunday, the country’s first three coronavirus cases were reported.

One of the most popular is the parody of the song by famed American folk-rock band named Simon and Garfunkel called “Hello Darkness My Old Friend,” while the one from Vietnam is a musical handwashing guide. Paul Simon is the singer-songwriter, while Art Garfunkel is also a singer.

The helplessness against the super-bug has led many to find ways to fight it as the world waits for a vaccine that would finally end the invasion of coronavirus or COD-19. Work on finding a vaccination has been going on since the disease first struck China’s Wuhan province.

Bangladesh is on its toes and the health authorities have warned that despite all efforts in place to prevent the virus from entering the country, the deadly virus can still attack this crowded country.

Nirjhar Chowdhury, a popular Tagore singer of the country, told the daily sun that songs always gave courage and inspiration to the people in times of danger. “There is more panic than it should be and a song to give courage, explain the disease and how to be safe,” he added.

“I am thinking of doing one using Bangla song,” Chowdhury said.

The lyrics ---- “Boshonto batashe shoi go boshonto batashe / bondhur barir foler gandho, amar bari ashey” by Abdul Karim to “corona aeisasego shoi go, korona aeisshase/ bhoy paiona, bhoy paiona, lorai hobe ekshathe,” he said, adding that he would be cautious in choosing his words considering the “sensitive” mindset of the Bangladeshi people.

The Simon and Garfunkel’s song has been parodied as follows:

“Hello darkness my old friend” to “Hello virus from Wuhan/ Another problem’s here again/ because you see the contagion creeping/ And the virus is indeed spreading/ And the memory of SARS planted in my brain still remains/ We stand and fight the virus.”

While in Vietnam, the innovative few added fun by singing how to wash hands to be safe with green cartoons of the big bug dubbed “Jealous Coronavirus” with a song that has gone viral.

In Australia, Natalie Inbruglias sand to a restaurant crowd “Be calm and chill. I am kind of scared being, but I am feeling alright.... dont know how to use a lift safely!”

In reaction to the songs, some listeners commented on the Youtube.

“Using humans against the gloom due to coronavirus and spread a little joy,” one comment read, while another joked “Corona is in the Netherlands aaahhhh, I live here aaahhh, The first man is dead aahhh.”

From Belgium a victim wrote “I have corona (virus). Stop laughing.”

Music has been the most harmless weapon to achieve a goal for ages, including our uniting the Bengalis in the 1971 Independence War.