Friday, 20 May, 2022

‘Amar Borno Amar Gorbo’

Clemon’s innovative album to promote Bangla

Learning alphabets through mnemonics is practiced everywhere in the world. All of us can surely recall learning Bangla alphabet under our mother’s dictation -- ‘A’ (ɒ) for ‘Ajagar’, ‘Aa’ (ʌ) for ‘Aam’.

Though it helps a child to get along with the letters, the tedious words actually add very little to their development in Bangla language.

What if a child learned ‘Aa’ (ʌ) for Abdus Salam and asked his/her mother with wonder -- “Ma, who is this guy?” The mother would definitely start telling her kid the story of Salam sacrificing his life for the Bengali language.

If all the letters were studied using such examples, children would grow up learning about Bengali culture, Bengali literature, Bangladesh sights and many other things.

To bring the change, Clemon, a popular clear beverage of Akij Food and Beverage Limited, has conducted a campaign titled “Amar Borno Amar Gorbo” in the month of February.

As part of the campaign, they decorated an online album with the letters describing different subjects involving our culture and heritage.

The topics the letter described can be categorized into six types: places (‘Cha’ for ‘Chalanbil’), personalities (‘K’ for ‘Kazi Nazrul Islam’), literature (‘S’ for ‘Sangshaptak’), history (‘A’ for ‘Aporajeyo Bangla’), culture (‘I’ for ‘Ilish’), and general words (‘Aa’ for ‘Aashar’).

The album can be viewed through the hyperlink It is their effort to help Bengali speaking people remember their identity. They even offered prizes to those who uploaded the picture of the letters, used at the beginning of their names, as their Facebook profile or timeline photos.

A person may learn the title of many of the best Bengali literatures, books, must visit places in Bangladesh and many other things. The campaign has already received much praise in the social-media.

Mostafa Sharif, a participant in the online campaign, said, “The first letter of my name stands for ‘Mujibnagar Smriti Saudha’. I did not think it this way. Visiting the place is in my bucket list now.”

About the campaign, The Head of Marketing of Akij Food & Beverage Ltd. Md. Maidul Islam said, “We have a lot of things to take pride in our culture. And the best way to learn about these is our language, its alphabet. We intended to make people feel proud about their culture and language.”