Excellent blooming makes mango farmers happy in Rangpur


28th February, 2020 06:25:30 printer

Excellent blooming makes mango farmers happy in Rangpur

Excellent blooming in mango trees continues smoothly with the advent of spring making farmers happy and signaling bumper output of the popular fruit in Rangpur agriculture region this season.

Officials of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) and farmers said mango trees in the orchards and homesteads have started wearing eye-catching look with excellent sprouting amid favourable climatic condition this year.

The mango orchards and gardens have already worn eye-catching look with huge flowers in mango trees amid favourable climatic condition predicting superb growth of the tender fruit in the coming days.

“Around 90 percent of mango trees have already bloomed with a possibility of 95 percent sprouting by the first week of March next,” Deputy Director of the DAE at its regional office here Agriculturist Md. Moniruzzaman told BSS today.

The sprouting process in mango trees started little late this time following a relatively longer winter amid foggy weather as the prevailing climatic conditions now are highly suitable for the process.

“Commercial basis mango farming is expanding every year as hundreds of farmers changed fortune after getting its repeated bumper production with lucrative price in recent years in the region,” Moniruzzaman said.

The farmers are expected to bring around 7,500 hectares of land under mango cultivation during the current season in all five districts of Rangpur agriculture region where they cultivated the fruit on 7,250 hectares of land during the last 2018-2019 FY.

“Earlier, farmers cultivated mango on 7,122 hectares of land during the 2017-2018 FY and on 7,091 hectares during the 2016-2017 FY and produced 83,764 tonnes and 79,667 tonnes of the most popular fruit respectively in the region,” he added.

Deputy Director of the DAE for Rangpur Dr. Md. Sarwarul Haque said farmers have already started taking extensive care and measure of the blooming mango trees so that the fruit could grow in huge quantity leading to a bumper output this season.

“The farmers are mostly cultivating popular varieties of mango like ‘Haribhanga’, ‘Mohanbhog’, ‘Gopalbhog’, ‘Lengra’, ‘Fazlee’, ‘Khirsapati’, ‘Chyatapori’, ‘Lakhna’, ‘Amrapali’ and ‘Nakfazlee’ in the region,” Haque said.

He said the field level officials of the DAE are suggesting farmers for taking proper care of blooming mango trees on their orchards at the flowering stage and controlling attacks by hoppers and other pests, if any, on mango flowers.

Additional Director of the DAE for Rangpur region Agriculturist Muhammad Ali predicted a bumper mango production if the climatic conditions remained favourable and within tolerable limits till the June next this season.